Jane’s Fork-Scepter Tutorial! (Updated 1/24/14!)

This is going to be an image-heavy, extremely detailed set of instructions, because skin-and-bones tutorials annoy me. At the end I will discuss mistakes I made and how to avoid them. The final product is very lightweight and easy to carry.

MATERIALS (Specifics will be mentioned within the tutorial. Read the whole thing before you start or you’re probs gonna end up messing it up.):

Paper Mache (1 part flour to 2 parts water with 2 tablespoon of salt for every cup of flour to prevent mold) and lots of newspaper (torn or cut your choice, but torn tends to work better)

Generic white paint (3 LARGE bottles)

Large can of white spray paint (Gloss)

Large can of blue spray paint (Gloss)

Two wooden rods, double-sided screw or just one wooden rod

Foam Board, small styrofoam cone

Wire hanger, wire cutters, pliers

Exacto knife, scissors, blue painters tape, pencil with good eraser

Beach Ball (those large foam halves that you can stick together to form a ball work as well.)

Rough bristled paint brushes ranging from wide as 3 fingers to thin detail brushes

Loctite brand super glue


1) Buy a good beach ball that comes up to about your knee, or just below it. Colour doesn’t matter as long as you don’t get one of those really cheap ones. Blow it up all the way and super glue the valve shut. You could also weight it with sand, if you like. If you’re using the foam halves, stuff the center with newspaper and then glue together.

2) If you’re using 1 rod, ignore this step. If you’re using two, drill a hole in one end of both and add the double ended screw to one side, but leave part of it sticking out so it can screw into the other one. 


3) Cut out your fork from the foam board using the pencil to draw it, exacto knife to poke dotted lines and then cut it out with scissors. Glue together if needed. The size of the fork should be slighter taller than the beach ball.


4) Now for the paper mache. This part will take you three days total, so be patient. The first night will be covering the ball and fork. You’ll need three cups of water, 1 1/2 cups of flour, and 2 tablespoons of salt. Mix it in a big bowl until there are no lumps. You’ll also need to cut or rip 1-inch strips of newspaper. It may take you an entire sports and business section. Be ready to make more. To use the paper mache, dunk the newspaper in the flour/water mix and then run it between your fingers to remove any extra liquid. Lay it over the object and press it flat. Lay each piece in different directions on top of each other. Cover the fork as shown above, as well as the ball. Set aside on either 3 sheets of newspaper or a garbage bag to dry for 24 hours. When letting the  ball dry, set it on the same side to dry each day. This will create a sort of flat bottom so that your fork-scepter will not roll allover the place.


5) Now to paint your rod(s)! Take one of the large brushes and hand paint the rod(s), one side at a time. Make sure to paint with the grain. While it’s drying, take your small styrofoam cone and carve out the inside with the exacto knife to fit about 2-3 inches of your rod in it. ((if using two rods, put the end in without the drilled hole)) When the rod is fully painted, insert it into the cone after putting super glue on it and paper mache all of it and a little bit onto the rod, but not the bottom. 


1) Both your fork and ball should be dry by now. Prepare another paper mache mix, same as before, and give the ball and cone a second coat. Roll up 1/4 of a newspaper and wrap it around the cone to form the first ring. Secure with painters tape and cover in paper mache. Set aside to dry for 24 hours with the ball. Paint your fork with the largest brush you have. It will take about 2 or 3 coats. ((ignore the way the rod is in this picture, it’s a mistake that will be explained later))



1) Make more flour/water mix. You will only need 2 cups of water, 1 cup of flour, and 2 tablespoons of salt.) Take your wire hanger and cut/bend it into sort of half-circles that are the size of the larger ring. Stick them into the cone where you want the ring. There should be four vertical supports, and a diagonal support between each. Cover in paper mache and set aside to dry. Spray paint the ball white, this will help make it “stiff”. Then cover in white paint by hand. Once dry, draw on the cloud pattern with pencil.



1) Paint the second ring on the cone, 2 coats. Let dry while doing step 2.


2) This part takes an extremely long time. Take the painters tape and put it over where the clouds would go, keeping inside the pencil lines you drew by tearing the tape to fit. Use as large pieces as you can. Do not block off where the spirograph design goes, and make sure before painting that the tape is firmly pressed down so that the paint will not get under the tape. Spray paint with the blue (2 coats). Let dry and then carefully remove the tape. Use the detail brush and white paint to touch up any edges that might have bled and paint on the spirograph design. ((the paint on the ball in this picture was my attempt to create the correct colour by hand oops))


2) Take the fork and lay your rod over it in the center. The top of the rod should come up to the middle prong but not extend into the prong. Trace around the outside of the rod with the pencil and then cut out that part of the fork. Put super glue on the sides of this indent, and then position the rod in it so that the sides of the indent are in the middle of the rod. Tape in place using the painter’s tape by wrapping some around the bottom of where the rod is inserted into the fork, and across the top of the rod and on the fork. Paint with 3 coats of white paint by hand.

While that is drying, cover the bottom of the cone in 2 layers of painters tape. Use super glue with the tape by putting super glue on the bottom of the tape and then sticking it on. Attach it to your ball by covering the bottom of the tape-cone with super glue and holding it place on the ball for about 10 minutes. You are now done!!

((If using the single rod, you will have to wait for the fork to dry. If not, you can just screw the two half together afterwards.))



The rod must go up to the first prong, or it will not be able to support the fork. You also must use the super glue/tape combo to secure it, not the paper mache.

Make sure the tape on the ball is pressed down, or the paint will run.

Questions? Send me an ask! Answered asks are here!

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